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Force USA. Innovation In Strength

Achieve your fitness goals with custom strength programs for equipment you own

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  • About project

    The leading manufacturer of functional training gear is ForceUSA. They provide All-In-One machines for home workouts and training. Still, for more effective usage, you will need guidance from professional trainers. The app designed by our team offers custom strength programs with progressive loads and the possibility to reach your personal training goals.

  • Task

    Our task was to analyze existing apps and provide unique solutions for different user types. For example, we allow autoplay training to remove extra interaction between the user and the smartphone. Or provides video explainers for newbies. The uniqueness of the app is creating an ecosystem for growing from zero to hero at your home gym.

  • Challenge

    The progressive load is the key to success in your training. And our challenge was to show users how close they were to the expected results. We have 4 key metrics: Reps, Sets, Rest, and Time Under Tention. To visualize all of them as a pyramid, we create a PoC (proof of concept) with Tech Lead and have a life coding session testing different UX/UI concepts. Our Goal was to show whether the user fits training goals and how close the total results are to the ideal one.

  • Results

    We have created an app that enhances the potential of the Force USA machine. Each user could have customizable training plans designed especially for their goals. During the training, they will receive video tips on how to do correct exercises. Experienced users can use the Auto-play feature to focus on the training process.

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