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SportPlus Fitness App

Increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty through a user-friendly, personalized fitness app.

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  • About project

    SportPlus is a leading fitness brand in Germany that wanted to create a mobile app to help its customers stay fit and healthy. Our client develops modern fitness equipment and wants to increase conversion rates and customer loyalty. Axicube was approached to design and develop a user-friendly app that could offer pre-defined fitness programs and track progress over time.

  • Task

    Our task was to develop a user-friendly, personalized fitness app that would cater to both advanced users and those who have just started practicing. The app had to provide the ability to use one piece of equipment by different people and change accounts. We aimed to create a solution allowing every family member to track their progress and reach their goals. The app also had to offer pre-defined programs for the equipment and track training statistics.

  • Challenge

    One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating a solution that could allow multiple users to track their progress on a single piece of equipment. We had to develop a system that would enable users to switch between accounts and see their personalized programs and training statistics. Another challenge was the lack of information about the equipment we were developing the app for, which made it difficult to design an optimal user experience.

  • Results

    We successfully developed a fitness application that fits perfectly into our client's brand ecosystem. The app is designed for both advanced users and beginners, offering personalized programs and tracking statistics. It allows multiple users to track their progress on a single piece of equipment, and easily switch between accounts. The app has helped our client increase conversion rates and customer loyalty, providing users with a better experience and making it easier for them to achieve their fitness goals.

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